Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our 100% Print Satisfaction Guarantee

Q. Do you offer any warranty or guarantees on your prints?

A.Absolutely, 100% Print Satisfaction Guarantee.

Q. How does the 100% Print Satisfaction Guarantee work?

A. When an order is received it is automatically put in approval delay status so I can personally check the order, make sure the print will be perfect then approve the print. You will receive an email with details regarding your order and key information about your order plus a email.  In the very unlikely event you have any issue with your prints you can email my support directly 7X24.

Ordering Information

Q. I just placed an order and received an email confirmation that has SmugMug instead of your name, Why?

A. With our new website we have upgraded to be as fast and efficient as possible to get orders to our Pro-Lab for printing.  This email confirmation allows you to contact support 7X24 if you see anything wrong with the order to get the order corrected.

In the unlikely event you have any issues with a print when received you can also use the email provided in the confirmation email to get the 7X24 support to resolve the issue, of course you can always reach out to me by using the "Contact Me" button located on the websites main  but I am not available 7X24. 

Fun Facts

Q.  Many have asked are you the guy who has been selling AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil?

A.  Yes, I am, I have been a AMSOIL dealer selling AMSOIL since 2002. You can visit my website at AMSOIL at Stokes Abode

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