Custom Prints Available

When printing there are challenges. Did you know that viewing an image on a screen is different from printing on photographic paper, canvas, or even metal?

On-screen images scale to almost any size with decent quality as they only require 72 Dots Per Inch (DPI). When you print, you need awareness of the aspect ratio of the image. Also, you need to pay attention to the Pixels Per Inch (PPI). These issues pose a real problem as what you see on your screen may not be possible in print.

To make it easy for customers, I have set up the most common print sizes that most people want, but due to the various aspect ratios for many images, some work great for standard print sizes while others fail miserably. Many times, you can select an image by adding it to the cart, then select the edit feature, then hover over the image, click and hold your left mouse button, and move the image within the crop borders to get the result you are looking for.

If you cannot find a print size that meets your need, you can email me at Norm Stokes Photography, I will need:

1. The height and width in inches you are looking for

2. What type of print media IE paper, canvas, metal, etc.

3. What image you are wanting printed

Once I receive the information, I will research the options possible for printing to determine what is possible and what the cost will be. After your review, if we have an agreement, I will send you a special link for the custom print size.

One of the biggest concerns I have heard from my customers is what happens if there is a problem with a print ordered?

In the unlikely event of an issue, I proudly offer a 100% Print Satisfaction Guarantee.

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