Norm Stokes

Norm Stokes Photography, specializes in Scenic, Landscape, Nature, and Wildlife Fine Art Photography. Creating Fine Art is my passion.

My name is Norm Stokes, having been a professional photographer for many years with an absolute love of the outdoors, nature, wildlife, and scenic photography. For many years I have studied the art of photography and photographic techniques. Many of the techniques I use are inspired by the legend in photography Ansel Adams. I am always challenging myself to raise the bar to improve the quality of my artistic work.

Many ask, "what type of equipment do you use?". Great question, to be honest, it all depends on what my plans for shooting are. If I am doing nature/scenic photography, I use a Pro model Nikon Full Frame Camera. There I want the absolute highest resolution possible to capture the smallest detail accurately. If I am going to shoot wildlife or birds, I swap to a Pro model Nikon DX camera with my trusty 150-600mm lens so that I have the reach to capture the shot from a long-range while shooting at ten frames per second.

It is not uncommon to see me on a trail with my 70L Osprey backpack fully loaded and a camera/tripod over my shoulder. Some of the reactions are rather funny.

Now I have entered my retirement years my project is to compile my best work and share it on my website "Norm Stokes Photography" so others can enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

The first series of pictures will showcase my travels in the Pacific North West, but there's more. I have relocated to the South East and am setting up to photograph the Great Smoky Mountains and much more.

Please feel free to share my images using the Social Media buttons I have placed on the site so others can enjoy them as well. I hope you come back and often as I will be uploading new pictures on a very regular basis.

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